Thursday, May 2, 2013

April's Robot Songs!

For April, the songs were Alt-Country songs about Robots.  Alt-Country is a very vague genre to throw in there but that's okay.  Reflecting this, we have four very different songs.  Go check them out and vote for your favorite below!

Jack Eggleston - Untitled

My comments:  Jack did a weird kinda hybrid song here.  The lead guitars say country to me but the rest of the song is a sort of 50's pop love song thing.  And then you've got the spacey keyboards in the mix too.  I'm bad at describing things, good thing I write these comments like I have some sort of authority, right?

Danny Imig - Robot
My comments: What a fun, weird song this is.  It's got a definite country feel from the way the guitar is played and the vocals, but there are cool almost-punk things going on here with a touch of sci-fi, too.  Danny really didn't skimp on the "alt" part here.

Brian Salapek - Old Glory Robot Insurance
My comments: I never made a decision on how to make my song "alt" and next thing I knew, the month was up and this is what I ended up with.  Oh well.  It's based on an old SNL skit on Robot Insurance.  Because robots kill more old people than heart disease these days. Also, I can't seem to write a country song without ripping off Johnny Cash.

Rene Zansman - If a Song were a Robot
My comments: This song starts out and it is a definite Rene song.  The vocals are distorted, adding to the robot theme.  After about the second minute, it starts this build which is awesome.  It almost takes on a sad and kind creepy vibe, which is weird to say.


  1. Brian, as someone who grew up on Johnny Cash I can tell you unequivocably-- he'd be proud.

    1. Lol thanks Danny! We did country songs last May and I did the same thing. It was a really good month, if youre interested in hearing the songs: