Monday, September 1, 2014

August's Arena Rock Songs!

Recently I heard a highschool cover band do a really terrible version of "The Final Countdown" and it got me thinking about that song a bit.  What makes a song like this particularly good to be played at sporting events to get the crowd all pumped up?  Is it the thundering drums, the cheesy keyboard?  I wanted to mess around a bit with writing a song like that and I knew there had to be a sub-genre of rock music to fit what I was trying to accomplish.  That sub-genre is Arena Rock.  Have a listen to the songs and vote for your favorite below!

Danny Imig - Short Ride Home
My comments - This song has a definite Led Zeppelin vibe to it, through the guitars, vocals and lyrics.  While how well it rocks works for the arena rock theme, the simple but good chorus is what makes it.  I can see a stadium of people rocking out, pumping fists and yelling "Short Ride Home" along with the song.

Brian Salapek - The Champion
My comments - I wanted to make a song that would be played during a sports event to get the crowd excited.  So I wrote sports themed lyrics, added some cheesy keyboard riffs and a few break downs with clapping and everything!  The song is missing any traditional chorus that could be anthemic for people to sing along to, but I almost feel like the whole song is a chorus.

Rene Zansman - Thunder Across the Planet
My comments - Holy Crap.  Rene has always been best with his choruses and this one is amazing.  This song has a huge 80's feel to it and I love it.  The "Whoa-Ooh" breakdown at about 2:30 is just perfect for the arena rock theme.

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