Saturday, November 1, 2014

September/October's Gangsta Rap Songs!

Originally September was the month specified for our Gangsta Rap songs.  Just as with last year, September was a ridiculously busy month for me so I ended up delaying the genre to run as a 2 month song session.  I would have just opted out of my own song, but I had started it already and didn't want to miss out on having an excuse to write a rap song!

In the end, we had four songs and they are all worth listening to.  More and more I am happy with everyone being willing to participate in this ridiculous game.  Thank you to everyone who participates and everyone who takes the time to listen to the songs and vote on their favorite!  Without further ado, here are the songs!

Danny Imig - Day of the Rope
My comments:  Danny took an interesting route with this song.  It lands more in the "post-gangsta rap" genre, emulating rock bands like Faith No More and RATM.  There is a great Primus feel to it with the bass line, too.  The lyrics really fit well with the controversial standard of gangsta rap.  I mean, I'd be mad too if there was no free lunch.

Eric Peabody - Crack Feet
My comments:  Bonus points go to Eric for creating the accompanying video.  But the bonus points get taken away since the video is so disgusting.  I was unaware that crack feet are a thing.  Now I will surely.....never.......forget.  But about the song, Eric hit the nail on the head with this one.  I love the keyboard part in it, very authentic.

Brian Salapek and Aimee Loree - I've Got Good Credit
My comments:  This is our "white people problems" rap song.  I have high cholesterol and Aimee has bad credit.  But I have good credit, so it's only appropriate to brag about that too.  I had a lot of fun collaborating with Aimee on this song.  Although the subject isn't traditional, I feel really great about the feel of the song.

Rene Zansman - Grandma's Cookies
My comments:  I just love the mood of Rene's song.  The pianos give it this great spooky, or dangerous sound, which totally works for the genre.  Juxtaposed with the hilarious lyrics, Rene made something truly special here.  My new favorite lyric in all music history is now: "Yo, Grandma.  Every day is a cookie-a-rama!"


  1. Brian: "I'm broker than the 10 commandments." Really, that's great! Wish I had written that...

  2. That was all Aimee there, Danny. :)