Monday, February 2, 2015

January's Punk Songs!

It had been quite awhile since we had done punk rock songs, which is weird, because it's the genre of music I was into when I wrote my first songs.  You'd think I'd hit it up once a year or so, oh well.  Anyways, we had no subject for the songs and it definitely shows in the final songs.  Hopefully this is a good sign for 2015, but we had five songs turned in!  Hopefully we can maintain this momentum!  Check out the songs and vote for your favorite below!

Jeff Coral - Punk Rock Girl
My comments: This is Jeff's first time in the song writing game and hopefully he continues to contribute.  He did an acoustic song, which is not out of question for punk rock, and it has the title and subject of his affections for a punk rock girl.  This song has a really big Bob Dylan feel though, in vocals, vocal melody and guitars.  At times I am just waiting for a harmonica to kick in.  I really do enjoy it, but don't think it fits for punk.

Esban and Rene - Ignorance is Jizz
My comments:  Talk about a juxtaposition from the first song (not in a bad way on either end).  Esban and Rene are loud, aggressive and in your face here with their song.  To just push it over the edge, they have the obligatory offensive song title!  It is a pretty full sounding song but I wish the drums were quite a bit louder.  They are there but just drowned out by the loud guitars and vocals.  That's a pretty minor complaint though.

Danny Imig - Brand New Car
My comments:  I am really not sure what Danny was trying to accomplish with his 1:10 long weird keyboard-y introduction to this song.  Please believe me when I tell you that there is a very cool song after it. When the song finally kicks in, it's pretty awesome and definitely punk rock.  I love the lyrics to about hating his parents and babysitter and then being chased by the cops while drunk driving.  Punk rock!

Eric Peabody - Never Whatever
My comments:  Oh Eric and his songs raising social awareness!  This song is about bullying, and is really catchy.  It's short, sweet and to the point, the way a lot of punk music is.  No need for a solo or repeating a chorus!  I've been a fan of Eric's music for quite a long time and this song is no different.  I dig it!

Brian Salapek - Generic Punk Song #3
My comments:  When writing this song, I had all the music done but no ideas about lyrics.  I was playing a lot of Metroid at the time and contemplated writing about that but nixed the idea and opted for an instrumental.  I almost feel there is a surf-punk kinda feel going on here, so being an instrumental kinda fits with it.  With it being short, I don't think it takes away from the song to not have vocals, but that might just me.

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