Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February's Reggae Songs!

It really seems like 2015 is on a roll.  We've had a good number of submissions for January and February is no different!  It's really great to receive these songs and hear the diversity in them, while they all have a common theme to compare.

As you will remember, we did Reggae for our genre in February with an option subject of "Chores."  We have some great songs below.  Be sure to listen to them all and vote for your favorite!

Jon Baker - Slave 2 D Housework
My comments: Jon has turned in a handful of songs over the years and they've all been great.  This one is no different.  I especially like the pitch shifted vocals at the end, giving it a sort of a Ween vibe.  I would be interested in hearing the whole song sung in the high pitch!

Rene Zansman - I wasn't born to do dishes
My comments:  Rene's punk roots and reggae seem to lend to themselves very well, and this song shows it.  The fake trumpet solo towards the end is really great.  What I like about the song is that it has a good build to it, starting out simple and ending up with a bigger, complex sound.

Danny Imig - Dreadlock Lullaby
My comments:  Danny took a different approach with his song, going all electric.  I'm a total sucker for music for the 80's, and this Casio sound is awesome to me.  It's all instrumental but doesn't get redundant like some instrumental songs can be.

Jesse Denby and Brian Salapek - Chores
My comments:  One morning while home with the flu, I sat down and started working on this song.  I ended up having it written in no time at all.  When it was all recorded, I would listen to it and just rock out on the guitar, and I ended up finding that the note F was perfect with it and added the 1 note solos over the chorus.  I decided that I wanted some help with the vocals and contacted Jesse, who did a great job on the song we did in December.  The rest is history!

Joel Forsgren - I don't wanna clean nothin' no more
My comments: Joel was actually the person who originated the theme and subject for February so I knew he would be turning in a cool song.  I really enjoy his vocals and how the seem to have a liquid flow, smooth and cool.  Don't let his grizzly beard fool you, he can sing high and this song proves it!

Jonas Peterson and Brendon Burgess - Neverending
My comments: Jonas and Brenden have never turned in a song before so this one was a great surprise.  Jonas plays guitar and sings while Brenden was on the drums.  All together, this is an extremely successful reggae song.  After listening to this, I came to realize just how cool a reggae drum beat can be.

Vote for your favorite!


  1. Jonas and Brenden lay down the most proper version of a reggae song with the beat accents on 1 and 3 as they should be, not 2 and 4 as in rock. Nice job.

  2. I think mine was opposite. Drums on 2 and 4 and guitars on 1 and 3 :P