Monday, May 4, 2015

April's Children's Songs!

I'm a few days late this time around, but am very happy to be posting these ridiculous songs for your enjoyment!  As you may remember, we were writing Children's Songs with "Adult themes"  So basically, something that a children's song shouldn't be written about.  I always enjoy doing silly songs like these and the songs all really jumped on this and ran with it!  Have a listen and vote for your favorite below!

Brendon Burgess - Kookies
My comments: Brendon tells the tale of an evil baby in his song.  He did a great job musically, to capture the children's songs feel.  Throw in lyrics about an evil baby and you have just perfect juxtaposition.  I really enjoy the cookie-eating ending, it just so over the top, I love it!

Rene Zansman - A comprehensive guide to female Shakespeare characters
My comments: This song has a really pretty, classical sound to it that I really enjoy.  It works well as a children's song, since it is pretty enough to be a lullaby.  Then kick in the lyrics about death and betrayal from Shakespeare's plays.  Definitely not kid-friendly!  I also love the rhyme in "Ophelia, is that really ya?"  That's probably my favorite lyric from all of these songs!

Danny Imig - Feed the birds till it hurts
My comments:  Danny turned in a real top-notch entry this month.  The song is hilarious and the music really works well.  When the xylophone (a kid's push button one, it sounds like), it just gets driven over the top.  I think he was the only person who actually used a real child's instrument, so he gets bonus points!  Oh, and apparently Mary Poppins IS a suspected communist plot according to google.

Brian Salapek - Debt
My comments: So here is the revised song, for anyone who heard the original.  I decided it was just too much and redid it.  Sure it's an inappropriate thing to sing to kids about debt.  The whole idea that "When I grow up, I'm going to do whatever I want" is utterly shattered when the realization of how much debt an average person gets into.

Jonas Peterson and Jesse Denby - Out for a walk
My comments: What a weird song, I love it!  It really does well with the children's genre, with that bouncy country bass line, and it just sounds so happy.  In kick the Ween-ish vocals that start out ambiguous and end up full-on inappropriate, that dissolve each verse into a chaos.  This song definitely stands on it's own, but that's what I like about it.

Vote for your favorite!

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