Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November's 80's Pop Songs!

November has come to and end and hopefully everyone is doing a good job to shovel themselves out of the heaps of leftovers you've been buried under.  With the start of December comes a slew of 1980's themed songs for you to check out!  I honestly really enjoy all three of them so my vote will be a difficult one, for sure.  The optional subject was a doctor's appointment and only one of the songs uses it.  Either way, have a listen to the songs and vote for your favorite below!

Danny Imig - Serial Monogamy
My comments:  This song of Danny's is not just in the style of the 80's, it's FROM the 80's!  It was recorded in 1988 and has a cool new wave-y ska feel to it.  It's an upbeat, bouncy and fun song.  1980's Pop Music is such a vague genre, which leads to songs like this that I would never have expected, and I that's what I love!  Good job, Danny!

Rene Zansman - Doctor's Appointment
My comments:  Rene went total Casio on this song and it sounds great, even for a song about a butt rash!  He told me that the lyric "doctor's disappointment" was an accident, but I think that is a brilliant lyric.  All of Rene's songs have such a huge basis in pop music that this song is a great fit for the song writing game.  I really love this song!

Brian Salapek - Doctor Dance
My comments:  All of my songs start out with pure intentions of fitting the genre as well as possible.  But then I hit a niche and the song veers off into no-where land and ends up far from the original idea.  Not that that is a BAD thing though!  I had a lot of fun writing this song and especially love that harmonic note at the end of the chorus.  It just makes me happy each time I hear it!

Vote for your Favorite!

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