Tuesday, November 1, 2016

September / October's Songs!

I wont lie to anyone.  As the Song Writing Game is winding down, so is my enthusiasm with it.  Having a new schedule in the mornings that includes getting my son on the bus has left me with about 20 minutes of free time each day to dedicate towards hobbies, like the Song Writing Game.  I used to have over an hour.  This is the reason for the songs to be stretched out into multiple months for each one.  And even with that much time, I still feel rushed to put together a very specific song.  That is why my song is anything but what it's supposed to be this month.  We had aimed for Power Pop songs but I just couldn't find the time I normally do to deconstruct the genre, listen to a lot of examples and find elements that I liked.  Instead I have a cover song for a Ween tribute album that I did.  Oh well, enough of me blabbering.  Here are the songs.

Brian Salapek - Little Miss Mandee (WEEN Cover)
My comments: This song was put together for a WEEN tribute album.  If you listen to the original here, you will see that it is a LONG stretch from the original song.  It just kinda took on legs of it's own and ended up in left field (in a good way, I hope).

Rene Zansman - Figure It Out
My comments: I think Power Pop was a suggestion of Rene's and I can tell it's a genre he really enjoys.  All of his songs really have reflections of the genre in them with his melodies and harmonies.  This song is definitely Power Pop at it's core.  It starts out pretty sloppy but don't let that deter you, once Rene picks up the pace it all comes together and is a cool song.

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