Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August and its' (not really) Disco Songs!

I think disco was a really alienating genre.  Without horns or a string section, it's hard to capture the sound, you just end up with some weird hybrid dance song.  I researched it a bit, trying to pick out the nuances between disco and funk.  The best answer I received was "Disco is to Nickleback as Funk is to Nirvana."  Disco is written for the radio and for hit singles.  How do you translate that into a song you're writing for a blog that no one reads?  Good question.

Well, we ended up with two songs and neither is disco.  That's what happens sometimes though.  Here are the songs.  Have a listen!

Brian Salapek - We've Got Snacks
My comments: I think my song is really terrible but awesome at the same time.  I think the picture of me with spilled beer on my shirt is a good cover photo for it.  Terrible and awesome at the same time.  That's me.  Oh, and I did a spoken part and used autotune!  Yay!

Rene Zansman - Crushed Teeth Late Night Boogie
Rene's comments:  I tried finishing up a song today even though most of our electricity is down, the result is awful!

My comments: I think this song is more disco than mine with the high vocals but not really.  I admire Rene's dedication to the game even if it comes down to writing a song on the spot in the dark.

Vote for your favorite terrible song!

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