Tuesday, September 25, 2012

October Song Announcement!

October should be an exciting month for the song writing game.  Jon Baker has come up with the great suggestion of REGGAE MUSIC!  I was not sure where to go with it, when he gave me this awesome suggestion.  We will definitely have some interesting results!

I recently took away the subject from the song writing game but actually had a complaint about it so there will now be an optional subject.  Just to make things interesting, and because it's what I felt like drawing, the subject is Cthulhu.  Cthul...who?  Click here for more information.

To quote H.P. Lovecraft:
"Those aren't dreadlocks, they're tentacles!  AHHHH!"

Okay, that's not really a quote or anything, but whatever.  ALRIGHT, you've got the assignment.  Make it a good one!

Genre: Reggae
Optional Subject: Cthulhu

Also, the METAL SONGS will be posted in about a week!

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