Wednesday, October 24, 2012

November Song Announcement!

I had asked for suggestions of what kind of song to do next.  There were a lot of genres thrown out that I would really enjoy, but I doubt I could get many people into writing a Gansta Rap (sorry, Eric).  But in those ideas, I found one that I think will be a lot of fun.

Genre: Sea Shanty!
Subject(s): The Sea, or Drinking!

Traditionally, Sea Shanties are maritime work songs, sung with no musical accompaniment.  It would be cool to have some a capella songs, but I am definitely not going to go in that direction.  I think this genre really strives in simplicity, and an acoustic guitar is enough to make a great sounding song.  A few other instruments to consider, a fiddle, mandolin or accordion.  With the instruments, it is really more of a "Sea Song" but that doesn't sound as cool.  WE'RE CALLING THEN SHANTIES!  The lyrics are what really shines here.  You could think of your song as a story, or a simple "call and response" song full of nonsense.  Just make sure it has to do with drinking or the sea, or drinking the sea or whatever.

This picture is definitely a Pirate Jug Band, but you get the idea.  

Here are a few resources for the style of music and some traditional examples.

With the subjects being as broad as "the sea" or "drinking" it leaves a lot of room for creativity.  I definitely expect at least one person to write a song about being swallowed by a whale, though.

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