Monday, October 15, 2012

September's Metalest Song!

When it all comes down to it for September's voting, I kinda feel like it was rigged.  Jon Baker really had the best song, but wasn't able to be in the voting.  Kayce's song was pretty kick ass, but I think the lack of vocals really turned against him.  And my song, being a sequel to a very famous song from college, got the attention of a lot of people who otherwise probably wouldn't have listened to the songs or voted.  Oh well, it's not like winning this really matter to anyone, does it?  Maybe.  Hmmm...

ANYWAYS!  The winning song was Stumblin' Nate, Part TWO!
What's the prize?  In memory of college, and when Nate used to stumble, the prize is a delicious can of OLD GERMAN BEER!  The world knows no finer!  It says so on the can, so it must be true, right?  Right?

Is there a part three on the horizon?  Probably.  It will surely come out when I cant think of anything else to write a song about.  In fact, I already have one verse to a Stumblin' Nate rap written.  The world knows no finer.

Just a reminder that the songs for October are REGGAE with an optional subject of CTHULHU!  I already have one submission (it was turned in before the end of September, actually) and I am really excited for the songs this month!

Also, whenever I figure it out, we will have an announcement for the November song!

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