Saturday, December 1, 2012

November's Sea Shanties!

November is a wonderful month to sing a sea shanty, don't you agree?  Maybe not.  It doesn't matter.  I am just filling up text here to make it look like there is a meaningful heading and introduction to these songs.  Anyways!  There are songs!  Want to hear them?  Okay!

Esban - Bound Offshore
My comments: Esban did a great job capturing the calm, melancholy feel a lot of traditional shanties have.  Add that to his lyrics about, well, being bound offshore, makes this the most fitting to the style this month.  Great job, Esban!

Kayce Kelly - Keelhaul'n
My comments:  Kayce sent in two versions of his song and we decided to use the "gruff" vocals (Click here to hear the clean version)  This song may be very simple in structure, but it is very fitting and a good example of how a song doesn't need to be complex to be good.

Brian Salapek - The Goonies
My comments:  When I was a kid, I watched The Goonies every weekend!  It was my favorite movie and with it's great pirate theme, it was fitting to write a shanty about.  This song was a great nostalgic experience for me!  I also want to thank my friends Greg and Evie for singing backup vocals for me!

Rene Zansman - Left Home for the Sea
My comments:  I think this is the best song Rene has done for the song writing game.  Although it doesn't fit the style, I still think it is awesome.  I love how poppy and catchy all his songs are.  This one is no different.  And throw in song lyrics about the sea and true love, it makes for a great song!

And don't forget that for December, you CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!  WOOHOO!

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