Monday, July 1, 2013

June 2013 Old Songs Revisited

A little while back I found a few tapes and CDs of music that friends of mine and I wrote and recorded in college. On the one CD was the first song I wrote that I can remember.  That got my gears turning and decided to rework old songs for June's song writing game.  I was the only one who had a copy of my original song so I posted it as a compare/contrast.  I hope you enjoy them!

Jack Eggleston - Tracks
Jack's comments:  Essentially it;s about a guy discovering that his girlfriend/wife/whatever is sleeping around on him, and trying to make the decision between suicide, heroin, or acceptance and growth.
Brian Salapek - Jack Wants to Nail the Olsen Twins
The original version from 2001:
My comments: Even though it's a ridiculous and kinda crass song, it is still a love song at heart, so I decided to rework it that way.  With the use of a friend's keyboard and the strings section in GarageBand, I tried to make it as pretty as possible.  It's a love song, it should be pretty!  To pair with the beauty and love of the song, I attached the stupidest picture of Jack and I that I could find.  I think he's licking me.

Rene Zansman - Everybody is so Crazy
Rene's Comments: I'm thinking of doing a song called Everybody is so crazy that I wrote right after I turned 12 after 9/11 and how I felt the world was, it's kind of a weird song, but it's 12 years old almost and it's been half my life since I wrote it...I had just discovered blink 182, I had found out what the word "pills" meant and I loved using Norwegian words in english songs and the South Park movie was on tv all the time and it was my favorite movie.  So it was me trying to write a blink 182 song, but the lyrics are kind of like I'm super by Big gay Al and it was inspired by terrorism and a movie I saw about drugabuse.

Also don't forget about your songs for July!

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