Monday, July 15, 2013

June's Winning Song!

I thought that June had a really fun theme and hope that you enjoyed hearing the new old songs.  When the voting was all said and done, the winner was Jack Eggleston with his song Tracks.  Good job, Jack!  You had my vote!  Listen to the song again below and bask in it's glory.  BASK IN JACK'S GLORY, I SAID!

What does Jack win?  Hmmm...I kinda forgot that I was making up prizes still.  Okay, okay.  I've got it.  Jack wins a....

AN ANIME GIRL PILLOW!  Here is Jack enjoying taking it out to dinner!
Alright, that was kinda mean.  Was it any meaner than writing a song about him and pre-pubescent Olsen twins though?  I'm not sure.  Please send all hate mail to:
Brian Williams

c/o NBC News 
30 Rockefeller Plaza 
New York, NY 10112

OKAY THEN.  Don't forget about the July Cover Songs!  I just finished setting up my new PC and am looking forward to recording it on upgraded software!  Woohoo!

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