Sunday, December 1, 2013

November's Klezmer Turkey Songs!

For the first and last time for quite a few years, we had the elusive THANKSGIVUKKAH!  That's right, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah were on the same day.  To celebrate this, we wrote our songs accordingly.  The subject was turkeys and the genre was Klezmer, or Jewish wedding music.  Listen to the songs and vote for your favorite!

Danny Imig - Too Much Turkey
My comments:  Danny caught the Klezmer sound right off the bat with the horns.  Very authentic and fitting on the subject of too many leftovers.  He even mentions homebrewed beer in it, so bonus points there!  Good job Danny!

Brian Salapek - Is Turkey Kosher?
My comments: No, turkey is not kosher.  Well, I guess it depends on who you ask.  Anyways, I ended up mistaking Jewish for Gypsy/Russian on this one.  They are pretty similar but the gruff Russian vocals kinda put it over the edge into that territory.  At least I got to borrow and play an accordion on this one!

Rene - Zansman - The Turkey 
My comments: Rene expanded on his fake TV show (and great song) "The Moptop Family" and made this song as the theme for episode 6 of "The Moptop Family", the Thanksgiving Special!  It starts out with a snippet of another song "Marie Antoinette was the Teacher's Pet"(?) but the real song kicks in after about 20 seconds.  I have a hard time hearing any Klezmer in here until the little breakdown about 2 minutes in with a little keyboard accordion going on.

Vote For Your Favorite!

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  1. Just in case anyone's wondering, the gibberish at the beginning of my song says "I ate too much turkey and now I'm tired" in Turkish, get it? Hah! Really, though I just couldn't get Google Translate too do a voice in Yiddish. Oy vey...