Thursday, April 2, 2015

March's Blues Songs!

For March, we decided to go with a genre that hadn't been done in a few years.  Previously, we had Blues Songs about Buddy Christ, from the Kevin Smith movie Dogma.  This time around the subject  wasn't nearly as specific, it was "A gain and a loss"  This seemed like an appropriate theme for blues music.  As always, it is an optional subject.  Anyways, we ended up with four cool songs.  While I was listening to blues, to get some ideas for my song, I felt really disapointed, thinking that all blues songs sound the same.  Well, each one of these songs is significantly different but all fit the criteria.  I am very impressed with them all!  Have a listen and vote your for favorite below!

Rene Zansman - I Lost My Bottom Dollar
My comments:  Rene goes raunchy with his blues song and I just love the weird gruff and snotty sounding vocals.  The guitars and harmonica work out really well too, giving it a great blues feel.  It's upbeat, it's bluesy and it's definitely punk.

Jeff Coral - She Won't Play
My comments:  Jeff is new to the game, with this being his second song.  He has a really great sound, both with his vocals and guitar work, that naturally lends itself to blues.  I can't put my finger on it exactly but the vocals remind me of 90's alternative.  They have a kinda Stone Temple Pilots/Alice in Chains/Creed sort of a vibe to them that makes me nostalgic.

Danny Imig - Six String Highway (Wang Bar Blues)
My comments:  Slide guitar!  I love it!  Danny grabs a bluesy aspect for his song that I never even thought of.  It really has a cool Led Zeppelin feel to it and I really enjoy that about the song.  What goes well with the song is envisioning Danny playing it with a lit cigarette in the strings on the head stock of the guitar and him playing slide with a Bic lighter.

Jen Robinson and Brian Salapek - A Gain and a Loss
My comments:  I decided that a slow blues approach would be a nice direction to go with this song.  I think it came out pretty well, even if it is very basic and standard.  Jen did a nice job with the vocals and there is even a guest singer towards the end, that I decided not to edit out!  It's definitely the slowest of the four songs, but still has a great blues feel.


  1. Brian not only channels but literally calls forth the "Little Red Rooster." Spooky...

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