Monday, February 1, 2016

January's "Chords" Songs

For January, a set list of chords was put forth and the songs could ONLY use those chords.  This is a far different stipulation than normal, and it came through with great results!  Each song is quite a bit different and they all are great in their own ways.  Check them out and vote for your favorite below!

Ryan Kinal - My Last Night
My comments:  I dont think I have ever heard such an upbeat and catchy song about dying!  This song is a lot different than Ryan's other offering since it features an electric guitar playing lead and a solo.  I really enjoy the song and think the separate vocals for the different characters is a fun touch!

Rene Zansman - Predestined to Dull
My comments:  When I saw the length of Rene's song (about 4 minutes) I was a little reluctant but I ended up REALLY liking it.  The chorus has a great feeling of happy and sad at the same time.  The whole song is really catchy, too.  It gets a little sloppy towards the end during the solo but that's pretty minor in the scheme of things.

Brian Salapek - January
My comments:  Here's another instrumental track of mine.  It is a lot more effects heavy than I usually make my songs, but I think it works well.  I originally recorded this song on my loop pedal completely improvised but liked it enough to work it out into a whole song (by adding the chorus) and recording it properly.

Danny Imig - I Quit School 'Cause They Had Recess
My comments:  Danny's song has an awesome country feel to it.  This song came from Danny's 2006 album, Space is Your Friend, which he has submitted a few other fun songs from.  I like that this song has the country twang but is fast and upbeat enough to even touch into a little of the punk territory.  It's upbeat, a little sloppy and fun!

Vote for your favorite!

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