Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May's Prince Cover Songs!

Lauren Hughes and Brian Salapek - When You Were Mine
My comments:  The day that Prince died, this was the song I wanted to share on FB but as we all know, Prince never allowed his music on streaming sites.  Lauren was the one to suggest we cover Prince for May so I took her suggestion with the stipulation that she sang the song.  I think it turned out pretty good even though I didn't have time to do the proper keyboard solo and just made something up.

Rene Zansman - Manic Monday
My comments:  Rene's choice of a song brings up a really good point about Prince writing music for a lot of other musicians.  This song was released by The Bangles and was a big hit for them but was written by Prince.  Rene took an interesting approach to the song by stripping it down to just guitar, harmonica and vocals.  He even added an improvised bridge to the song.  Great job, Rene!

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