Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December 2016's Whatever Songs *FINAL SONGS*

So here we have it.  These are the last five songs to be turned in for the Song Writing Game.  I should write something sentimental here, but I know that no one reads this stuff.  It's better to just get down to it.  As with every December (minus the first) we did "Whatever" for the songs.  Anything and everything is accepted.  With that being said, we have a nice variety as always.  Check them out and vote for your favorite below!

Jeff Coral - Left Me Wanting More
My comments:  Jeff always pulls off these beautiful acoustic tunes and I really like them.  He had me hooked in the first 10 seconds with that awesome intro.  He picks up strumming and singing and the song has a lot of soul to it.

Danny Imig - Christmas Inland Hurricane
My comments:  What a funky, cool, fun song.  It sounds like Ween doing a Devo-inspired Christmas song.  Is that specific enough?  This is the kind of song I love to get when we do the "whatever" theme.  I totally love the lyric about nativity sets turn to tumbleweeds.

Rene Zansman - Abraham Lincoln
My comments: Rene dropped his punk roots to pen this little jingle-y song.  Just shy of a minute in, it hits the climax of a great instrumental part only to dissolve into a dark, worrisome bridge which bounces right back into the fun.  I REALLY like this song.

Eric Peabody - Lonely, Bitter, Weird
My comments: I don't recall ever giving Eric permission to write a song about me while I was in high school.  Regardless of the impending lawsuit, this song is short and sweet and pretty great.  For it being just over a minute, it has a nice variety to it and could easily be twice the length without feeling stale.

Jen Robinson and Brian Salapek - It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) (REM Cover)
My comments:  It was probably at the same time that I decided to end the game that I decided that this needed to be the last song I did.  I have been an REM fan since I was a little kid and this song was super appropriate, even before there was any inclination that Trump would get elected.  My favorite part is when I get everyone, including my kids (3 and 5 years old) to yell "LEONALD BERNSTEIN" and "RIGHT!"

Voting will be open until 1/16/17 at Midnight.

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