Monday, February 4, 2013

Fan Art!

Last February, the songs were Drugged Fueled Lounge Music on the subject of "The Circle Encompasses the Square." Inspiration was taken from a very interesting letter to the editor from our local newspaper. My wife really enjoyed the letter and the songs that came from it and created this wonderful piece of art! I hope you enjoy!

There is a lot of inspiration taken from both the letter and the songs.  Here is a copy of the letter:
Dear editor,
Warren rumbles from the cacophony in the chorus of the cries from its citizens. They rage "where is my representation (accountability)?" Puzzling (opaque) "nobody knows." When you don't know where your money is you don't have any currency (trust) which is about as far as you can throw their house (municipal building).
It is most transparent: The tripartite, the troika, or the power of three. Such outline forms an equilateral triangle. In the Greek: Delta; in English: change. Change was to remake the town to be a friendly face, instead, it's in your face.
In pretense a new city manager came about, who then brought in a new chief of police, the mayor, electorily challenged, prevailed, good change still is in the waiting; or a trend in motion continues until it ends. Unending is the grotesque attitude: the people don't (can't) count. So instead of uniting the community to grow, a division is brought about to stagnate; thus Worn.
Hard economic times finds the private sector deleveraging, not so in the public sector. The city manager took on an assistant, and gave out two tax hikes on residential/commercial real estate. The "chief" has not scaled back on the force, but gets a five percent increase in the budget. The mayor demands, "not to be interrogated," to answer to the people.
Don't insult by, put it in writing. That's been done, and face to face, multiple issues, multiple times, to no avail. When push comes to shove, the "shove" is, put it aside, or where the sun don't shine (on the dark side of the moon). Nope. The holy grail is not found here. Closest thing to holy water is the water closet -toilet water. So, for the "clowns to pack their vause(s) to leave the circus", include the chief of police.
The why of it, not transparent, an overt sign of inward operations: thus arrives a fourth dimension (side): who truly runs Warren? Therefore the triangle takes on the geometry of a square. The way of the why? In geometrical analysis: the square encompasses a circle, the squaring of the circle. These guys not only shoot themselves in the foot, when forming a firing squad the lineage folds into a circle.
Desire is for change. Be careful what one wishes for, you're liable to get your wish. Until the "fourth dimension" is no longer, no matter how much comes in the way of change, it will still be the time-worn town of pocket change.
So, to wish or not to wish?
Not much of a choice,
John L. Erickson
And here are the two songs from the month:

Joel Forsgren and Jonathon Baxter - When Squares Roam in Circles (Tripping Hazard)
Brian Salapek - Talk to Me (In Geometry)

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