Thursday, March 27, 2014

April's Song Announcement!

March is winding down and when the songs are turned in we will have had two consecutive months of hard-rocking tunes.  First there were the alternative rock/dancing babies songs from February and then the upcoming nu-metal/lullaby songs for March.  I've enjoyed making these songs but part of the song writing game is to be diverse.  We will (maybe) slow things down a bit for April and it's song.

Genre: Bluegrass
Optional Subject: Unintended consequences of drinking

That subject sure is a mouthful but I think it's pretty damn appropriate.  We had done Bluegrass as the very first genre for the song writing game way back in December 2011, but it's time to bring it back.  Here is a good article on the genre with some good information on where to get started on getting that good authentic sound.  Good luck everyone!

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