Thursday, January 16, 2014


If it wasn't enough of a pain to vote on a song every month, I have to ask you to do it again when the year is done to determine the GRAND CHAMPION!  As with last year, the winner will receive a REAL, PHYSICAL PRIZE!  Wowee!  So to those of you nominated, get your friends to vote and you can win a 6-pack of some of my homebrewed beer!

Jack Eggleston - Tomorrow / Christina de mi Alma (From January)

My comments: Jack wrote this epic song and although it didn't win that month, it was always a favorite of mine.  It really is two songs that stand up fantastic on their own, but they work really well together.  They are very catchy and fun songs.  I can listen to them again and again.

Mark Maze and Friends - Swamp Grass (February's Winner)

My comments:  Mark wrote and recorded this song with friends of his who were together as a metal band, which makes it that much more awesome.  It's a really great blue grass song and the winner during what I would consider the strongest month of the song writing game.

Brian Salapek - Ballad of the Trashcan Man (From February)

My comments:  I was really proud of this song of mine.  I took the direction of spoken word and incorporated the book I was reading at the time, The Stand by Stephen King.  It was fun to have everything be acoustic but I think the song suffers from having a bad microphone at the time.  Either way, I was very happy with this song.

Kayce Kelly - Squirrel World (From February)

My comments:  Remember when I said that I thought February was the strongest month from last year?  Well, here is the third song from that month nominated.  It's a super simple but really sweet and great song written by Kayce, embodying a special time in his life perfectly.  It's not exactly poetry, but I think it is just plain beautiful.

Danny Imig - I think I'm married to a Zombie (From August)

My comments:  I had a hard time picking my favorite song of Danny's to include as a choice.  I ended up favoring his Zombie Love song from August.  It has a really great giddy-up feel to it during the chorus that just gets me every time.  He really does an awesome job every month nailing the genres, but this folk song was just perfect for me.

Vote for your favorite!

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