Monday, January 4, 2016

December's "Whatever" Songs!

Again, I am super late here!  Sorry, sorry, sorry!  BUT I will have you know that the extra days gave us a few more songs to post, which is always appreciated!  You may remember that for December, we always do a theme of "whatever you want" for the songs.  I know I'm too busy to dedicate much time to a song and just assume everyone else is too.  So these songs have nothing in common and no central theme to tie them together or judge them against one another based on.  It all comes down to who you like the best!  Check them out and vote for your favorite below!

Rene Zansman - I'm Such a Fool
My comments:  Rene actually sent me two versions of this song (one fast and this one) and asked me to pick my favorite to post.  This one obviously won me over.  It's super fitting for the holiday season and the keyboards just have an overwhelming Christmas feel to them.  There is a really great full feeling to this song.  I enjoy it a lot!

Brian Salapek - Live on the infanet with Brian
My comments:  This was recorded live with my new toy, a Boss RC-300 loop pedal.  My normal recording process is a slow, stretched out one with many takes and a lot of work organizing the song, so this was a big change for me.  It's a little redundant, but I tried to switch it up as much as I can and make the song a short and sweet one.  Listen for me banging a paper towel roll against my knee at about 55 seconds in!

Ryan Kinal - Empty Sheets
My comments:  Here's a huge change of pace for not only this month, but the song writing game as a whole.  It's not often that I am able to post a sincerely beautiful and sad song like this.  The guitar plays a finger picking pattern that is soft and simple enough to meld together with the vocals and add to the mood of the song.  He probably hates to hear it but his vocals are really pretty, too.

New Contender - Destruction Z
My comments:  New Contender is the band of Matt McCray who won the 2012 Song of the Year.  It's not often that we've had whole bands submit a song, but the rest of the members are named simply Rick (drums) and Dallas (bass) according to their Facebook page.  I am not real into emo/screamo music but enjoy this song a lot.  When the heavier guitars kick in about 45 seconds in, it just has a great vibe to it.

Joel Forsgren - Stellar Road
My comments:  Joel recorded this song under the name The Enlightenment Junkies, but I am pretty convinced he did the whole song himself (a la Prince).  What I like about this song so much is the changes to it.  There are at least three whole and distinct ideas in this song that could be split out and turned into their own song, but Joel seamlessly melds them all together into one awesome track.

Jeff Coral - Your Song
My comments:  Jeff and his acoustic guitar just work so well together.  I don't think he's turned in a song that had anything else to it, but he doesn't need anything else.  His song is good all the way through but really hits it's stride in the chorus.  The chorus is really catchy and could be on repeat itself.

Brendon Burgess - Mabababo
My comments:  I have no idea what Mabababo is but I'm a fan!  This song has such an awesome groove to it that it could go on forever.  Brendon's bass really is the highlight and holds it all together.  There is a great funk/Caribbean/reggae feel to this song.  It's different and I love it!

Vote for your Favorite!


  1. Great job, everyone. There's some really good stuff here.

  2. Agree with Ryan. I'm going to have a really hard time picking my favorite this month.