Monday, January 4, 2016

January Song Announcement!

Oof!  I have been super slacking with all the holiday shenanigans and totally missed the ball.  I usually like to announce the following month's song stipulations with a good week left in the month, but this time it will be 4 days INTO the month!

One of the leading influences for this Song Writing Game came from a similar one that would sporadically take place on the Pop Punk Message Board.  The main difference is that they would list specific chords that you needed to use for your song.  With that influence in mind, we will tap into those rules for January's songs!


G  C  D  Emin  Bmin  F#sus  Amin

 These are pretty easy and common chords, so everyone should be set.  They can be used in ANY order, you do not need to use them all but you cannot use any others.  Good luck everyone!

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